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See below our uptime % for our API in the last 30 days. We monitor all of our endpoints in a 5 minute interval.

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See below our latest updates and releases.

All of our images are now on CDN. This will load the images on your site/app up to 70% faster!

We have released our Topic News endpoint for Startup plans. Retrieve general and ticker news on topics such as: CEO, Cannabis, Earnings, Dividends and more...

For our Premium and Startup plans up we have released the &sortby=algo parameter. Use this parameter if you would like to have important news higher in the results page. Please note that this parameter is only compatible with Company Ticker news.

We have added the following news sources: GeekWire, CNET Articles, NYTimes and Gurufocus. See our documentation page to view all of our news sources.

Our Fallback features is now available for Startup plans and up. If a specific ticker doesn't have any news associated with it you can use &fallback=true to obtain general market news. This parameter is useful for sites and apps to avoid showing empty responses to users.