Use below GET endpoints to obtain ticker and general market news. To further refine and filter news results use our STRING parameters.

Use this endpoint to obtain news for one ticker. In this example "AMZN" is the ticker for Amazon.

If you want to retrieve news for multiple tickers separate them with a comma.

Important: The Timezone of all news are displayed is Eastern Timezone (GMT -0400).

Use below endpoint to retrieve General Market News.

Use below endpoint to view all tickers in our Database. This endpoint can be accessed once per day (non-trial).

Number of news items returned. Items value must be between 1 and 100. This parameter is required.

Use below parameter if you would like to download the data as a .csv file.

Use below parameters if you want to filter on news sources. Use a comma if you would like to include/exclude multiple news sources. To view the list of all news sources: Click here

Use below parameters if you only would like to retrieve video or article news.

Use this parameter if you would like to filter only on neutral, positive or negative news.

Use this parameter if you would like to sort by importance. This parameter uses our rank score algorithm. Sort by Rank is only compatible with Company Ticker News endpoint. It provides a better user experience for sites and apps. Adding &days will sort by rank but for the last X days.

By default our news is sorted by date (newest first). If you would like to showcase oldest news first, use below parameter:

Use the page parameter if you would like to obtain more news results. Basic plans are limited to 5 pages (500 news results).

Use these parameters if you would like to retrieve News ID, Event ID or Rank Score on the response.

You can also combine them by using a comma.

Need information/explanation on the response? Use our Metadata parameter:

For more advanced features use below endpoints and parameters.

If you want to retrieve all the news published under All tickers, use below endpoint.

Retrieve the top 50 most mentioned tickers. Use the &date= parameter to specify your desired date range.

By default this endpoint has a cache of 1 hour. To not have any delay add parameter.

Retrieve the daily sentiment of Tickers and General Market News. Use the &date= Parameter to specify your desired date range. For Individual tickers use below endpoint:

For All Tickers use below endpoint.

For General Market News use below endpoint.

By default this endpoint has a cache of 1 hour. To not have any delay add parameter.

Note: The Sentiment Score ranges from -1.5 (Negative) to +1.5 (Positive) and is based on the # of positive and negative news on a specific timeframe.

Retrieve the latest news events and eventIDs. Events are important headlines that are receiving a significant amount of news coverage.

Add &eventid= to retrieve all news item from a specific event:

To search for events related to a specific ticker use below request:

With our headlines endpoint, you can filter out the noise and stay up to date with the latest important headliners.

Add &ticker= to retrieve important headlines for a specific company:

Retrieve the latest upgrades, downgrades and initiations of stocks by brokerage firms. To retrieve all data under all tickers use below endpoint:

To retrieve data to one or multiple tickers use below endpoint:

If needed you can filter the data by type or date - and Note: Historical data on upgrades/downgrades goes back to April 8th 2022.

Use the date parameters to obtain historical news (up to March 2019). Please use the following format: MMDDYYYY. You can also use: last5min, last10min, last15min, last30min, last45min, last60min, today, yesterday, last7days, last30days, last60days, last90days, yeartodate.

If you want to obtain news from companies that went public on a specific date/year use below parameter:

Filter on exact time. The format is hours, minutes and seconds - HHMMSS. This parameter is only compatible with &date parameter.

Filter on date and time range > DATE+TIME-DATE+TIME > See below example (Yesterday 4pm until Today 9am):

These parameter are only valid with the GET All Ticker News. Use it to filter on specific sectors: Click here

Specific industries: Click here

These parameters are only valid with the GET All Ticker News. To filter on Exchanges:

To filter on Index: Click here

Filter on Countries: Click here

Use this parameter to filter topics. To view the available topics: Click here

  Topics "cannabis" AND "oil".

  Topics "cannabis" OR "oil".

  Exclude the Topic "product" and "pressrelease".

Or you can use your own Keywords:

  Search keywords "Elon Musk" AND "Zuckerberg".

  Search keywords "Elon Musk" OR "Zuckerberg".

Premium plans can obtain more than 5 pages. Use below parameters:

If a specific crypto ticker/symbol doesn't have any news associated with it you can use the fallback parameter to obtain general crypto news. This parameter is useful for sites and apps to avoid showing empty responses to users.

Our API has many endpoints and countless filters. We have compiled many examples of some of the data you can extract.


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