How does the rankscore get calculated?

Site Admin
09 June 2022, 11:21

The higher the rankscore the more "relevant" and "important" a news item is. We take into account the following parameters when calculating the rankscore:

1. The importance of a news publisher: CNBC, Reuters, MarketWatch, Seeking Alpha on other major mainstream media news sources are ranked higher.
2. If a news item is part of an event it has a higher ranking. Events are important headlines that are receiving a significant amount of news coverage.
3. If a news item has one ticker (e.g. the article only talks about the company), it has more weight than if it has multiple tickers. 
4. Trending: These are news items that are flagged as important (e.g. CEO leaves, major acquisition, earnings etc…)

And a few other secret sauces :)